Long Beach Island Vacation: A Complete Vacation Guide for Travelers

About Long Beach Island

When you pass the Route 72 bridge from Manahawkin, New Jersey, to Long Beach Island, the salty scent of the ocean gets deeper. The skinny Island is only 18 miles long, and the single access point means congested roads. There is no boardwalk on the Island, and the Atlantic City is an hour-long drive away. The sugar-grainy beach is aligned with local eateries and bars, making the Island an ideal destination for families and friends to unwind and enjoy the company of each other in the misty weather.The location consists of transport facilities and plenty of tourist attractions, including IslandBeach State Park, Fantasy Island Amusement Park, Barnegat Lighthouse, Tuckerton Seaport,and several more, along with exceptional beachfront hotels,beachfront hotels long branch,luxury resorts and vacation rentals near beach.

Check out our travel guide to find out all the things you need to know about transportation services, where to stay,best restaurants near beach and things to do when visiting Long Island Beach.

Long Beach Island
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Places to Stay near Long Beach Island

Long Beach Island provides various types of accommodation for different tastes and budgets. With beachfront accommodation and luxurious B&B’s, you can experience modern-day relaxation at LBI if you visit your partner or family with kid. You can also go back in time and live in a traditional vintage hotel or guest house if you are touring with your family and have a strict holiday budget. Many hotels are within walking distance of the beach, have easy access to the Garden Street parkway, and offer various attractions, from swimming pools to pet-friendly hotels near long beach Island. It is a mixture of heritage and modern sophistication as we talk about accommodation.

For Oceanside lounges, the Hotel LBI offers period luxury, excellent service, and private beach houses. The Sea Horse Motel provides a luxurious bed and breakfast experience, together with a glorious front porch and a fine dining restaurant at the Blue Creek Inn. La Sammana Resort, Marriott’s Fairway Villas, and Golden Nugget offer discounts, starting at a minimum price, during the summer season.

If you want to take a break from your monotonous life, Long Beach is perfect for weekends and romantic getaways. They have top rated hospitality, and the travelers have given great reviews. While you book your flights and accommodations for your visit, you get to learn more about their offers. You can also book directly from them and obtain a certain amount of discount at any designated hotel or rental for every night’s stay.

Things to Do in Long Island Beach

Starting from fishing, to taking a stroll on the beach and hanging out at Nardi’s and visiting the Barnegat Light, the beach offers it all. After a day in the sun, visit Atlantic City, renowned for its famous boardwalk, sandy beaches, and glamorous casinos. It is the entertainment capital, and you can expect to see prominent faces in the leading hotels in Atlantic City all year round. At beachside venues like the LandShark Bar & Grill, you will also find fantastic local performances. The Jersey Shore is famous among locals as well as tourists. It is also the top surfing and scuba diving destination, and those new to these sports can take lessons at the Atlantic City Surf & SUP School with NSSA national team members or East Coast champions.

If you are an adventure addict, you can always participate in the Crazy Dash Walking Adventure of New Jersey. A GPS tracker, a smartphone, and an app are all you need for this competition. The app will take you to 10 checkpoints across the city from your starting place to answer questions and complete insane activities. You will come back to your starting position to finish the game after you have reached all ten checkpoints.

If you love horror movies and want to live the scenes you watch in movies, there is an arrangement for that too. In LBI, it is called the survivor’s challenge. During this intense scavenger challenge, Zombie Scavenger‘s guide you into the city to gather supplies to live. The more stuff you find, the more points you get, the more likely it is that you can succeed.

Best Restaurants on Long Beach Island NJ

You can find an extensive range of restaurants, from walk-up hot-dog stands to world-class oceanfront dining with seafood , situated in LBI. Several LBI restaurants provide fully stocked bars, providing you with a wide range of cocktail options to enjoy the nightlife with your dinner. Ship Bottom Shellfish is regarded as the island’s best seafood restaurant. If you want great seafood close to the water at LBI, you can eat fried flounder in the Viking Fresh Off The Hook from the to-go container, or you can eat flatter Francaise at Stefano’s white tablecloth. It is a casual restaurant with an extensive menu that includes shrimps and imperial crab shrimps, but they prefer to make it convenient and dip bread into a large bowl of clams with wine and garlic butter. One of the local-favorite LBI restaurants and a must-try for seafood lovers is El Swell and Nardi’s Tavern. Nardi’s Tavern offers a vibe of an old vintage modern classic atmosphere along with a menu full of mouthwatering dishes.It is the best restaurant for family or sole.

Antoinetta’s Waterfront Restaurant and Husdon house bar have some of the best Italian cuisine available, along with some rhythmic music to make the toes begin to dance, and a stunning view that is second to none.

Restaurants on Long Beach
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Best Time to Visit Long Beach Island

The best time to visit the LBI is from late June through early September. Unless otherwise marked, you can park anywhere on the street. From 10 a.m., lifeguards remain on duty till 5 p.m. for the 10th to 30th avenues. LBI averages significantly vary in temperature. Taking humidity into account, for around half a year, the temperatures are cold and generally good, and most of the year is snow and rain. The busiest month for tourism in July and September, and August in Long Beach Island. The hotel rates and fares during these months are the most costly, but you can save if you buy well in advance. In December, visitors will not be enjoying the beach to their fullest. It would potentially be the least expensive month for travelers who are eager to travel at this time.

Road Trip

Once on the island, aside from a private car, there are not many options to get around. A shuttle bus crosses the entirety of the island and charges a small fee. They can provide transportation services, depending on how far you stay away from the hotel. Renting bicycles is another way to get around the island. There are cycling paths in the streets, so getting around is very convenient, and bike racks can be seen at most beach exits, as well. There’s even an ice cream parlor and a beach trash grocery shop. In the peak season, imagine a long queue at night.

Long Beach Island FAQ

Where is the long beach island located?

Garden State Parkway, Ocean County, New Jersey.

●  Which part of long beach island is the best?

Harvey Cedars

Does Long Beach island have a boardwalk?

There is no boardwalk.

How big is a long beach island?

About 500 feet

How far is long beach island from airport

Long Beach Island is 84 mi from LaGuardia Airport. 

Where to stay on a long beach island in New Jersey?

Belmar’s Best beachside hotel, Spray Beach hotel, Hotel LBI. 

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