Maui Beach Vacation: The Complete Guide For Travelers

About Maui Beaches

Hawaii’s second-largest island is Maui, floating on the Pacific Ocean. The island comprises 30 miles of white, black, red, and green sand beaches, making Maui a world-famous exotic vacation spot. Different beaches are renowned for unique activities, starting from snorkeling to surfing to basic swimming and sunbathing. The beach parks also make great picnic spots and offer restroom facilities. Lifeguards are always present on the beaches, ensuring a safe environment. Along with the amazing beaches, first-rate accommodation sites, beach guides, top restaurants, seafood, nightlife, and fun activities, make Maui a traveler’s dream destination.

Check off Maui from your bucket list and plan your best vacation destination with our travel guide, proffering you all the details on the best beaches, places to stay, where to eat, weather, the best time to visit, transportation, and nightlife on Maui Beach.


Where to stay Near Maui

Maui boasts a lot of top-rated luxury hotels, vacation rentals, villas, and resorts. Grand Wailea Maui is one of the highest-rated resorts in Maui. The oceanfront resort offers comfortable rooms with a stunning view of Wailea Beach, valet parking, a fitness center, a spa, a bar, a pool, babysitting, bicycling, and many other facilities for guests to enjoy. It is the ultimate accommodation side for honeymoons, family trips, etc.

Fairmont Kea Lani is known as one of the best luxury resorts in Maui. There are rooms with different kinds of views, such as mountain views, ocean views, landmark views, and pool views. Besides these, the resort proffers private cabanas by the pool, lounge, bars, fitness center, and tons of other services.

The Best Western Pioneer Inn in Lahaina is known as the best-valued hotel. The budget-friendly hotel is located in a great location and offers cozy rooms and many facilities, and also has impressive ratings on TripAdvisor.

The Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas, Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa, and Four Seasons Resort are other incredible places to stay in Maui.

Best Local Restaurants in Maui

On Hawaii’s tropical island Maui, the local restaurants and café’s serve food made from the island’s fresh produce and freshly caught seafood. Spending a few days in this food-lovers dreamland will refresh your soul and rejuvenate your body with all its fresh produces. Start your day grabbing some fresh coffee and bagel sandwiches from Paia Bay Coffee. Next, for lunch, go over to the Paia Fish Market and indulge in the freshest seafood dishes.

The specialties are the fish steakburgers and fish and chips. Moreover, this place allows customers to choose any fish they want to put in their burgers.

Revive your tastebuds with something other than seafood; Tin roof is a restaurant by Chef Sheldon that offers chicken, pork, and steak meals, which are all reasonably priced. Maui Brewing Co. is the best place to get some dinner. The whole menu is tempting, but the most raved items are Pub Steaks and the day fish tacos’ catch. The restaurant also serves beers and refreshing cocktails.

Best Local Restaurants in Maui
Source: TripAdvisor


Things to do Near Maui Hawaii

The fascinating island of Maui offers many activities other than enjoying the scenic sceneries of the
exotic beaches. The rich cultural heritage of Maui has birthed many traditions, events, and flavors.
Spend a delightful evening at Old Lahaina Luau, and delve into the island’s flavors and traditional
music, and dance performances.

Maui Ocean Center offers opportunities for exploring the coral reefs and marine creatures of Maui.
In their “Open Ocean” exhibit, walk through glass tunnels and watch sharks, stingrays, and other
marine animals swim around.

If you are vacationing in February, do not miss to check out the iconic Maui Whale Watching
Festival. Hop on a concert cruise or pack a pair of binoculars and watch these stunning mammals

If you are a coffee lover, pay a visit to the Kaanapali Coffee Farms in West Maui. There, you can see
farmers harvesting the best coffee and taste and purchase the freshly roasted coffee beans.

History buff’s haven is the Lahaina Town, comprising of 65 historical sites and 500 years of history to
explore. You can visit the oldest house of Maui and a 145 years old Banyan tree, the largest in
the USA.

Best time to visit Maui

Durations of April-May and September-November are the best periods to plan your vacation to Maui. During these times, the weather is soothing and idyllic, the hotel prices have dropped, and the beaches and roads are not congested, unlike during the peak season of summer. However, if you are planning a family trip, summer is the safest season to go as the waters are the calmest during this season. Lastly, if you are a surf-lover, visit Maui during the months of winter for discounts.

Best Snorkeling Beaches in Maui

The living reefs, colorful corals, varieties of marine lives, and sandy-bottomed beaches make Maui one of the world’s best places for snorkeling. Among the vast collection of beaches, here are the top beaches well suited for snorkeling.

 The Black Rock Beach on the north side of Kaanapali Beach offers the best snorkeling experience in Maui. When you dive in, you can have a stunningly clear view of the underwater world. However, be aware of the rip currents and how far you have drifted.

Snorkeling on the remote island of Molokini Islet is life-changing. Reach the island via boat with a tour group, and dive deep into the blue waters to see large aquatic mammals like whale sharks in their habitat.

Stationed in West Maui, Honolua Bay is a protected marine preserve. The deep blue waters of the bay offer the best snorkeling experience.

snorkeling hawaii


Turtle Town in Maui

Maui’s hidden gem for snorkeling is Turtle Town. Turtle town is thought to be lying between Makena Landing and the connecting point of Makena Road and Makena Alanui Road, where loads of people go snorkeling on a windy day. Restrooms, public shower services, and sufficient parking spaces in this area attract tourists all the time.

However, to sea turtles and snorkel peacefully, visit the ACTUAL Turtle Town, stationed at Maluaka Beach. As you dive into the waters, you will spot turtles and a diverse collection of marine lives, starting from octopuses to even humpback whales in their natural habitats. Morning is the best time to go snorkeling with family as the waters are calm. Right beside Maluaka Beach, you will find Makena Beach & Golf Resort that has a parking area and restrooms.

Top Beaches all around Maui

South Maui

The south of Maui consists of some of the most favored beaches in Maui. The Big Beach, Wailea Beach, and Polo Beach are always brimming with sunbathing and swimming tourists. Po’olenalena Beach and Little Beach are crowd-free and in pristine conditions. The unique One’uli Black Sand Beach is also in this region.

West Maui

West Maui’s climate attracts tourists like bees to honey. Being the most-tourist-friendly area, Kaanapali Beach is the busiest beach in West Maui. The 3-mile long beach is serene and perfect for snorkeling. Kahekili Beach Park, Honokowai Beach Park, and Napili Bay are quieter and convenient for family-fun. Honolua Bay is suitable for snorkeling and surfing but too rocky and unsuitable for sunbathing.

North Shore Maui

Beaches in North Shore Maui are more on the secluded side but equally beautiful. Baldwin Beach Park is the trendiest beach in the northern region, popular among families. Rip currents may vary, but lifeguards are available.  Baby Beach is another safe area for swimming and surfing. In Hookipa Beach Park, you can surf and spot turtles, and in the Kuau Cove kids can explore the marine lives in tidepools.



Maui Beach Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Are the beaches in Maui open?

=Yes, the beaches in Maui are presently open, although meetings are limited to five people.

Which Maui Beach is the best?

=‘Big Beach’ or Makena Beach in South Maui, is the best beach in Maui. The 1.5 miles long and 600 feet wide beach is gorgeous and offers a great beach experience to every traveler.

Where is Maui Beach?

= Maui is an island of the state of Hawaii, the 50th state of the USA, settled in the northern part of the Pacific Ocean.

 Where is Sugar Beach Maui?

= Sugar Beach or Kealia Beach is situated in West Maui. It is the island’s lengthiest beach with a length of 2.5 miles.

Where is Secret beach Maui?

=Secret Beach or Pa’ako Beach is located in South Maui, near Makena Beach road.

Which is the best beach to stay in Maui?

Kaanapali, Lahaina, and Kapalua in West Maui are the best beaches to stay in Maui. West Maui consists of the majority of the resorts and condos of the island as the original resort area of the island.

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