10 Best Road Trips to take in Florida


Traditionally, Florida is one of the hottest tourist spots in the United States of America.  

In May 2020, the local/international visit ratio hit its lowest in 13 months. That was expected, given the sour effects the Coronavirus pandemic left behind.

However, there are other ways you can enjoy Florida apart from the traditional tourist spots. One of them is having fun road trips in Florida. Quaint, right?

Take advantage of the beautiful mix of coastal and forest roads and have a memorable time in the Sunshine State. From coast to coast, you will find that Florida is the home of the Daytona 500 for a reason.

There’s a place for everyone, regardless of taste or inclination. You could be looking to bask in the bright city lights or you might want a retreat. Whichever it is, you’re at the right place, so let’s go off and explore!

The Best Road Trips Starting in Florida

#1. Florida Keys

The Florida Keys archipelago is a perfect getaway destination for people of all ages. Boasting famous locations like Key Largo, Key West, and Islamorada, it makes for a mouth-watering experience.

If you’re looking for something laid back, then a visit to the museum and the art galleria will do the trick. If you want some adventure, you will find snorkeling, a fishing charter and scuba diving interesting.

#2. The Gulf Coast

This road trip trajectory is exactly what you need to truly let your hair down. Beginning at the Lighthouse on Gasparilla Island, it is a high octane experience.

You will get to St. Petersburg next, before making the final stop at Sanibel Island. From seeing sea turtles nestling to the elegance of the Dali Museum, it will be a riveting experience.

#3. The Eustis-Palatka Route

The starting point for this trip lies in the Ocala National Forest. From the southerly part, take a detour on your way and take in the sights of the Salt Springs. After enjoying its clear waters and the wonderful hiking paths, Palatka awaits.

This journey through Highway 19 in Central Florida should end with your indulgence in memorable activities. From golfing, cycling, canoeing, kayaking to bass fishing, there will be absolutely no dull moment.

#4. The Apalachicola- Tallahassee Route

The starting point for this trip was a small enclave inhabited by oyster harvesters. Today, Apalachicola has evolved to a community and meeting point to artistes on the up.

Up next is a drive along the waterfront to St. George’s Island. Take a detour to Wakulla Springs Lodge before you make your final stop at Tallahassee.

Along the way you are sure to see sights that are capable of being truly breathtaking. The pristine barrier island of St. George makes for wonderful activities.

Shelling, Swimming, Fishing and Wildlife viewing are activities you can indulge in. That way you ensure that you have an unforgettable experience in one of America’s last barrier islands.

#5. Florida State Route

This trail which begins at the Ponte Vedra Beach and continues southward is arguably Florida’s most scenic route. Comprising three individual state highways, this byway runs for 30 miles to St. Augustine.

Florida State Route is one of the best fun road trips in Florida you can ever embark on. Filled with cafes, stores, and museums, art galleries, and parks, this town is an ideal stopover destination. This route continues onward, opening you up to Florida’s many national treasures.

places to stop on a road trip to Florida

#6. The Key West-Miami Route

This route will see you end up in Florida’s premier city. If you’re looking to snorkel or engage in scuba diving, then this route works just fine.

Once you leave Florida Keys, a trip along County Road 905 will expose you to a thrilling tour of the mangroves lining up the trail, one of the best places to stop on a road trip to Florida. You can also have a pit stop at Coral Park where you can also engage in boat tours.

Here’s the kicker: you can see the water, as the boat has a glass bottom. How amazing is that?

If you’re on a family trip, a swim with dolphins will do you good. It is a good bonding exercise for the family. The Seven Mile Bridge is another major landmark you will experience on your way to Miami.

#7. The Pensacola-Panama City Route

You should begin this trip from the downtown part of Pensacola. A 15-mile haul on Road 399. Get on Highway 98 before taking Highway 30A to Panama City Beach.

This trip should begin with a tour of museums and art galleries in Pensacola. At the Gulf Islands National Seashore on Road 399, you should enjoy the sand dunes and the clear waters.

You should Okaloosa Pier, and the shopping and dining spots at Destin, renowned as the ‘world’s luckiest fishing village” and give yourself a good time.

#8. The Arcadia-Sanibel Captiva Route

If you’re looking for a long and eventful road trip, this is it for you. The journey starts from Arcadia and turns east toward Lake Okeechobee, taking most of the day.

The journey continues along Highway 441 through quaint towns and settlements like Pahokee and Belle Glade. Once through, the welcoming lights of Sanibel Captiva lie ahead.

#9. The Daytona Beach-Mount Dora Route

This trip is most capable of giving you the feeling of detoxification. Once you leave the city behind and get on Highway 40, you get a heady feeling.

Stopovers at Barberville and Astor remind you of the growing distance between you and the city; add it to your bucket list of places to stop on a road trip to Florida. Get to the Ocala National Forest, and cut through till you get to Mount Dora.

If you’re not in a hurry, stay awhile and enjoy the fresh scenery of the National Forest. Whilst you’re there, engage in activities like scuba diving, canoeing, and hiking. There are several fun road trips in Florida that you can enjoy here, be careful not to change your destination plans.

#10. Tallahassee-DeFuniak Springs Route

Once you have left Tallahassee, you are in for a swell time. Feed your eyes with scenic beauty from old towns like Quincy, Marianna, and Chipley.

Your trip will bring you to the clear waters of the DeFuniak springs. Perfect for weekend road trips in Florida, trust me, it would be worth your time.

Now you know the various fun routes you can enjoy in Florida. You can decide to plan for a road trip with your friends or family.

If you’re looking to have a good time and feel the rush of wind while tearing up the asphalt, then a road trip to Florida is your answer!

“HomeToBeach” is your ultimate road trip planner, use the comment box or send us an email at trip@hometobeach, and we would send you a well-details plan based on your need without any cost.

FAQ on Florida Road Trips

What to pack for a road trip to Florida

Take your basic needs, so you don’t overburden yourself with too many loads. Remember to have extra socks, swimming pants, and a sweater, you might need them.

What to pack for a road trip to Florida

Take your basic needs, so you don’t overburden yourself with too many loads. Remember to have extra socks, swimming pants and a sweater, you might need them.

What to do on the way to Florida

Apart from making sure your secure all of your items, there are several fun things to do. You can read your favorite book, make new friends, do small stops, take pictures, explore the landscape, and so many other exciting things

Where to stop on a road trip to Florida

You should plan for this ahead of time. Read through our article to find exciting places to stop. You can make your own list too.

How far is Tampa from Miami by car?

The distance from Tampa to Miami is approximately 283 miles, and this would take 4 hours drive if you’re traveling by car. Enough time to help you unwind. The best traveling method if you’re planning a weekend road trip to Florida.

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