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About The Hamptons Beach

It approximately only ninety minutes from New York City, but you enter a different and refreshing part of New York State while visiting the Hamptons. There are stunning beaches, dramatic dunes, shingled windmills, and the iconic light that inspired artists such as Jackson Pollock and Winslow Homer to paint in their hamlets.

Hamptons is a group of Long Island towns where some of the most elite Americans have built their homes or beach houses. Tens of thousands of Southampton and East Hampton visitors visit the hot areas every summer, visiting numerous hamlets and villages like Sag Harbor and Water Mill. The Hamptons have miles of museums that are great for beach-combing, funky vintage stores, and peaceful bays.

“It’s a wonderful Besch destination, we will come back next year for sure!”

See the HomeToBeach travel guide to find out all the information you need to know about transport facilities, where to stay, top restaurants, and what to do when visiting Hamptons Beach.

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Places to stay near the Hamptons Beach

Hamptons Beach continues to draw constant crowds. Best Hotels are challenging to book as more people are visiting the summer beaches. The American Hotel is a truly traditional American inn on Sag Harbor Main Street. Time-tested, classically grounded dishes from the seasoned team offer fresh, great local produce, outstanding salmon, excellent shellfish, sparkling meats, and fowl each day. The hotel is also trying to distinguish its menu with unique dishes like bread or liver calves, the tasty Peconic Bay scallops, partridge, or pheasant.

Sunset Beach Hotel is also worth a look at close to Shelter Island. It offers a romantic environment that provides a wealth of facilities for visitors like yourself, who give a great mix of value, luxury, and comfort. Rooms have a flat-screen TV and air conditioning and a free Wi-Fi internet connection in the hotel.

The Sunset Beach Hotel offers guest facilities, a concierge, and shops to make your stay more enjoyable. The safest place to stay, though, Pets allowed but Charges may apply. You might get an offer Babysitting or child care & Private beach.

If you want to stay Luxury Oceanfront House with a pool, there are so many rental homes with 3 or 4 bedrooms near the Hamptons Beach New York.

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Things to do Near The Hamptons Beach

Just off the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, the seafront of Ashworth on the Sea provides the chance to experience a wide variety of enjoyable activities to do in and around the lovely Hampton Beach of New Hampshire. Enjoy the beach with fireworks, gigs, and films. At the nearby Casino, Waterfall Waterslide invites your children to an enjoyable day.

The beach is where you are during daytime hours, so make sure you have a city parking sticker if you want to drive there. The chic beaches are primarily private, and the public ones are jam-packed with tourists all day during the summer and on weekends.

Georgica Beach is residential, and to get into the car park, you need a resident’s parking sticker. Attractions like Dinosaur Explore and SkyHike and park areas like the Grist Mill, the Covered Bridge, the Quarry Exhibit, and 15 miles of climbing and walking trails are open.

If you want some seclusion, try local surprises like Devon Yacht Club’s town beach or springs” public beach, which is typically unpopulated. As day-trippers have not yet cottoned on them, Bridgehampton (see our guide) and Water Mill are two of the hippest beaches and much less crowded. East Hampton’s main beach is ideal for a hot dog and a Diet Coke. It is as trendy to work out as dining out in restaurants. You can also exercise at East Hampton Gym, Fithian Lane, East Hampton, for just $20 a day.

Where to Eat Near The Hamptons Beach, NY 

It’s part of the Hamptons tradition to eat out, of course. But don’t even plan to go out on a Saturday night until you’re happy to queue for a seat – which you have to reserve a couple of months ahead of time. Come to the divine Rosemary and the famous fried St. Charles Oysters if you are lingering for a perfect filet mignon and fine dressings.

East Hampton Grill is one of the best restaurants in East Hampton. Local restaurants love committed and tasty service, while tourists pick fresh seafood and a decadent atmosphere. The food is very original and excellent.

The Highway Restaurant is the essence of what a great neighborhood restaurant strives to be like a place where the guests feel at home and can have delicious, well-crafted meals every day of the week. The Highway Restaurant, famous for its seafood cuisine, is the epitome of what a great neighborhood restaurant aspires to be where visitors feel at home and can have a tasty, well-crafted meal every day of the week, whatever the occasion.

Without referencing, Nick &Toni’s, Hamptons travel guide will remain incomplete. It is known for attracting famous people like Paul McCartney. Locals also love it for offering locally-fished seafood and organic vegetables grown in the restaurant’s garden. Lastly, Page at 63 Main is a lovely modern Sag Harbour designed table restaurant in NY. The best dishes include Spanish grilled octopus, local oysters, or the Page’s sautéed lump crab cake. Other local best foods include seafood salads, scallops, and pasta, remarkably as fresh as possible.


Best Time to visit The Hamptons Beach:

The perfect environmental conditions for visiting Hampton are dependent on average temperature and moisture from May to October. June, followed by August and September, is the busiest tourist month in Hampton. Hotel and flight rates will be the costliest in these months, but if you buy well in advance, you will be able to save. In November, it is doubtful that visitors will reach Hampton. The least expensive month would possibly be among those who can visit in these days. The dropping everyday level coolly felt because of humidity and wind, varies between 79.4°F (26.3°C) and 45.8°F (7.6°C). Due to the season, tourism is the slowest in these months so that hotels can be cheap.

Shopping Near The Hamptons Beach, New York

If you love shopping, definitely stop by Red Horse Plaza. An extensive stock portfolio and priceless assets, old-fashioned childhood, metal or wooden beds, Wendy Bellissimo cowboy linen, handmade wooden toys, and numerous other costly beverages are available at this store.

Ted Wolter, the owner of a smart furniture shop in South France with various Scandinavian pieces, Spanish and Belgian art and shoes and linen, spends most of the winter in the Hamptons.

Road Trip Near The Hamptons Beach Beach

Hampton Roads Transit’s Bus is one of the fastest ways to get to the Hamptons from New York City. The South Fork of Hamptons’ town ends in East Hampton, Southampton, Montauk, Amagansett, and several other cities. It is easy to cycle East Hampton Village if you are near Main Street. However, parking usually is available for anyone who chooses to travel on most local beaches and restaurants. Riding around East Hampton Center is also easy to get around on a pleasant day.

Frequently Asked Questions about The Hamptons

Where is the Hamptons Beach Located ?

The Hamptons beach is located at Oceans Avenue East Hamptons New York.

Which part of Hamptons beach is the beach ?

With its trendy storefronts and old school Hamptons charm, Sag Harbor is one of the prettiest villages.

Does the Hamptons beach have boardwalk ?

The Hamptons beach has no boardwalk per se but ultra sidewalk offers an asphalt boardwalk experience.

How big is the Hamptons beach

The Hamptons beach has an area approximately of 1.37 square miles .

How far is Hamptons beach from the airport ?

The Closest airport to Hamptons beach is 11.9 miles from Portsmouth Pease (PSM) airport.

Where to Stay at the Hamptons beach ?

The Atlantic hotel, Hamlet Inn , Southampton cottage and money more.

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About The Hamptons Beach It approximately only ninety minutes from New York City, but you enter a different and refreshing part of New York State while visiting the Hamptons. There are stunning beaches, dramatic dunes, shingled windmills, and the iconic light that inspired artists such...The Hamptons Beach Travelers Guide with Things To Do