Top 10 Beach House With Pool In Florida, FL

No doubt that Florida is the land of sunshine and good vibes, this is the reason why it is called the Sunshine State!

Encompasses of blue waters, white sandy beaches, delicious foods, and gorgeous beach houses, Florida make you feel like being lost in a paradise. 

That feeling is heavenly! This is the reason why most tourists that come to visit finds it sad to go back home.

This article would be highlighting the top 10 beautiful beach homes in Florida.

Put on your sit-belts because it’s going to be a journey to splendor and beauty. Be sure to enjoy the ride!.

#1. Isolated Oceanfront Retreat

This beach home gives you comfort to the fullest. The luxury apartment is close to the beach, where you can sit on your balcony to watch the beach from a distance, as the ocean waves battle with the tides and makes a splashing sound of nature. A breath of fresh air, as the wave rushes the refreshing sea-breeze into your nostrils, while you sip your favorite tequila enjoying the wonders of nature. The luxury private beach in Melbourne shares a border with National Wildlife; if you’re lucky, you get to see some wildlife as they do their things. The one-room apartment comes with all basic facilities available, and a long-range shoreline that you can use for an evening walk.

It has a circular ocean vista view and a hot tub from every area of the house.

Suitable for weekend vacations or honeymoon for couples. Reservation is easy, and the price is fair.

#2. Lido Beach House: Sarasota

A Two-Bedroom Mid-Century Heaven!

Love the sight of tropical plants and beautiful palm trees? The Lido Beach House has them in abundance, as they are neatly arranged, shading away excessive sun rays, and makes you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere. It has enough space for large outdoor dining, and basic kinds of stuff like snorkels, surfboards, bikes, and flippers are all available. 

A short distance from Lido Beach, the apartment has great facilities and modern amenities like a flat-screen TV with Netflix and Apple TV, and a fast wifi connection.

#3. The 14th Floor of Oceanfront Flat in Miami Beach

In this flat, a big flat-screen TV is in front of you, where you can watch so many exciting channels to get lost in your world. Ensure you keep a bag of popcorn handy. This luxury 14th-floor oceanfront flat is in a great sightseeing position. You’ll have the luxury of viewing the oceanfront from your comfortable apartment.

A great vacation spot that you would not forget so soon. It features snorkel gear, beach umbrellas, beach chairs, and tennis rackets if you love sports. There is a luxury Keurig coffee machine for coffee lovers, a big bed, a free parking space, a rainfall shower, and LED lighting to make it feel like paradise.

#4. Luxury Beachfront In Panama City Beach

This beach house is near Pier Park. A highly-rated Airbnb with so many good reviews from past users. One of the top vacation homes in Panama City as a whole. The good news is that it can comfortably house 6 persons; perfect for family vacations or business gatherings. 

Guests won’t have a problem with food, as the kitchen is stocked to the brim. Free wifi is available to all guests, and they can do their laundry themselves; as the house has a washing machine. Towels, linens, bed sheets, dryers are all available.

Guests at the Wyndham Emerald Beach Resorts are entitled to use the gym, skywalk bar, parking garage, two poolside bars, three outside pools, and kids’ corners. Although they do not allow pets, this place is a perfect vacation spot, especially if you have kids.

#5. Gorgeous Oceanfront Villa – New Smyrna Beach

Oceanfront villa comes to your mind when you think of Smyrna Beach. One good thing about oceanfront apartments is that they give you a clear view of the beach, and you’ll have the luxury of using them any time of the day. Apart from having to enjoy the beach, it’s a perfect place to unwind and give yourself a big treat. It has sleeping space for eight persons and comes with luxury amenities that would give you comfort. The kitchen and dining area are fully equipped, and the living room is well furnished. The chief guest that gets to take the master’s bedroom would have a kingsize bed for comfort, with amazing beach views. It is close to Canaveral Park and has bikes for easy mobility. Umbrellas, chairs, spacious deck are all at your disposal.

#6. Oceanfront Apartment on The Edge of The Gulf of Mexico

This Oceanfront apartment has a three-bedroom apartment that can comfortably accommodate eight persons. Excellent for families, friends get-together, couples runaway, or group gatherings. Ideal for sightseeing, where popular activities like dolphin watching, shelling, fishing, and swimming happen. Surrounded by 5 abandoned Gulf beaches and a private beach with an amazing ocean view. A fully furnished kitchen, large sitting room, and a perfect ocean view is the definition of a luxury vacation. 

#7. Beachfront Seagrove Condo in Santa Rosa

This breath-taking beachfront condo is everything nice!. Apart from being in a beautiful location and an excellent neighborhood, it features an open-plan living room and kitchen, and a covered porch.

A stone-throw to the beautiful Seagrove Beach in Santa Rosa, where you enjoy the ocean view and a white sandy shoreline.

If you’re an early riser, the sunshine is there for the taking, nice large kitchens from locals, and a pool to cool off when you’re hot. 

#8. Destin Gulf Front, Penthouse View – Destin

It offers a dazzling oceanfront view when staying here. The restructured design offers direct Gulf-front access at a Racquet Club and Holiday Surf on Holiday Isle.

While it also allows you to enjoy the beachfront views from the living room, kitchen and balcony, giving you access to a pool and tennis courts whenever you want to unwind.

#9. Fantastic Ocean View Condo Near Beach in Cape Canaveral

An excellent spot to unwind during the weekend, and great for mini-vacations. Guests can use the pool, barbecue grill, clubhouse, hot tub, and access to the private beach.

If you love listening to the natural sound of the crashing of wave tides, you can enjoy this from the private balcony. It has a big TV screen, Free Wifi, and a well-equipped kitchen.

If you don’t feel like watching the ocean, Netflix and many other channels are there for you to chill and relax.

#10. Beachfront Getaway in Siesta Key

Siesta Key is the last on our list. It is one of Florida’s beauties. Recommended by many, and a hotspot for visitors from different parts of the world.

It is a stylish one-story townhouse with access to a heated swimming pool, a lounge, and a BBQ grill.

There are grocery stores, restaurants, bikes, and rentals on the other side of the street. One great thing about this condo is its access to the famous Florida beach. Amazing right? I know!

Now you know the various beautiful beach houses in Florida. You can decide to plan for a vacation to any of these alluring beauties with your friends or family.

Are you looking forward to having a memorable family or fun time while being very close to nature and enjoying the sunshine? Florida beach-house homes got you covered!. Remember, we live only once!

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