Cannon Beach Vacation: A Complete Travel Guide & Things to do

About Cannon Beach

Once listed among the top 100 beautiful places in the world by National Geographic, Cannon Beach in northwest Oregon is genuinely a paradisiacal place. The name “Cannon” comes from the US navy cannon that washed up on the shores in the 1840s. The long shores of Cannon Beach feature soft ivory sands and blue waters, above which layers of mist cloud floats. The magnificent haystack rock rises from the seas and above those layers of mist, making the beach even more beautiful. You can take romantic walks along the shores or sit down and absorb the serenity of Cannon Beach during dusk and dawn.

The small-town of Cannon Beach boasts luxurious hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals that are moments away from the sands. Great local eateries and shopping areas are also within walking distance to always be on the beach site. 

Explore the picturesque small-town and the numerous tourist sites scattered throughout it, among which the Ecola State Park and the Hug Point are the must-visit spots. Since the town is small, you can leisurely walk around and explore Cannon Beach. 

Take the best trip to the scenic Cannon Beach with our travel guide, providing you with information on the best places to visit, places to stay, restaurants, and so much more. 

Cannon Beach

Where to Stay in Cannon Beach

Oceanfront accommodations in Cannon Beach ranges from high-end boutique hotels and resorts to casual, budget-friendly lodgings, overviewing the stunning beach and the majestic Haystack rock. The Surfsand Resort is one of the top resorts in Cannon Beach. The location is convenient; close to the beach, tourist spots, restaurants, and public transportation stop. This pet-friendly resort offers excellent amenities like a pool, a jacuzzi, a fitness center, bike rentals, a bonfire, and a spa with romantic couples massages, thus famous among families and couples. You can get a cozy room with a fireplace and a panoramic view of the ocean for only $140-$170. 

Hallmark Resort & Spa is the nearest accommodation to Haystack rock, costing $130-$200. The resort has a laid-back environment and features an indoor saltwater pool, a relaxing daytime spa, and all the essential amenities, perfect for family trips and honeymoons.   

At south cannon beach, adjacent to Tolovana Park, you will find the Inn At Cannon Beach. This first-class hotel has earned outstanding reviews over its pet-friendly nature, gorgeous exterior, great location, comfortable rooms, and various facilities. 

The Cannon Beach Tree House can be a perfect little adventure home for a family. Trees surround the small house, and it is close to the beach and the meadows. A family of four can snuggly fit into the two rooms and one living room of the house. 

If you are on a long-term staycation, The Nautical Cottage is the site for you. This magical beachside cottage offers one bedroom, a tiny kitchen plus a living room, and a beautiful lawn, charging only $85 a night. This secret spot is suitable for couples who want to have a romantic escapade. 

Comment down below to know more details about the places to stay in Cannon Beach from our local guides.

Places to stay in Cannon Beach

Things to Do near Cannon Beach

Cannon Beach does not possess the activities of a typical beach but has so much more to offer. Let’s start with the scenic scenery of Haystack rock. Rushing waves hit the rocks, and the mist covering the beach makes it appear heavenly. A gentle wind blows through your hair as you walk on the soft sands. In the beach’s windy weather, kids can fly kites and run freely, and you can catch the painstakingly gorgeous sunset. Take a picnic during lunch or enjoy a bonfire with marshmallows on the beach. 

The town of Cannon beach comprises many tourist sites and varieties of things to do to help make your vacation even more memorable. Ecola State Park is among the most beautiful tourist sites in Oregon. This 9-mile long park consists of numerous hiking trails surrounded by trees. Hike up these trails to get a full view of the beach and the ocean. 

Oregon Coast’s other top spot to visit is Hug Point. Hike in the Hug Point to explore caves and site waterfalls and tide pools.

Roaming around the delightful town of Cannon Beach is a fun activity itself. Discover the hidden gems of boutique stores and art galleries. These art galleries showcase local artists’ creations and make sure to pay a visit to support them. If you are visiting on the weekends, head over to Icefire Glass Works to get the fascinating opportunity of watching molten glass getting blown. 

Visiting the Coaster Theatre Playhouse will surely be a unique and unforgettable experience. The theatre has a rustic decor, and one of the reviews says that “there are no bad seats” at this theatre. So grab any seat to enjoy amusing musicals performed by talented actors and singers. 

Things to Do near Cannon Beach

Where to eat near Cannon Beach

Start your day by getting breakfast from the Sleepy Monk, located on the south side of the town. The restaurant serves excellent coffee and even better pastries that come in both gluten-free and vegan options. If you are vacationing in the northern region, visit Insomnia. It has different kinds of coffees and both savory and dessert crepes. Insomnia is seconds away from the beach, so you can your breakfast and drink and enjoy it at the beach. 

One of the best local eateries for lunch is the Wayfarer Restaurant and Lounge. The restaurant has a stylish and rustic vibe and serves freshly caught seafood. Try the delicious clam chowder, salmon, and crispy fish & chips, with a Haystack rock view. 

For snacking, visit the eclectic spot, Cannon Beach Hardware Store & Public House. The restaurant in this hardware store is known for serving arguably the best chicken wings in Oregon. We recommend you to get the large order, with a fusion of two or more flavors. 

Tom’s fish and chips are the go-to restaurants of locals and tourists in Cannon Beach. The restaurant serves reasonably priced classic dishes in a family-friendly environment. Mo’s Cannon Beach is another popular beachside restaurant. This laid-back restaurant has a vast menu, offering all kinds of food from chowders to burgers to fried seafood. Order a seafood basket of your choice and a refreshing cocktail to enjoy by the beach. 

EVOO Dinning Cannon Beach is one of the top spots for having a fancy dinner. You get to taste delectable gourmet dishes and learn tips and tricks from the Chef and the staff to replicate the dish at home. Wines and fruits paired with these dishes compliment it most pleasantly.

Where to eat near Cannon Beach

Shopping Near Cannon Beach Oregon

From unique art stores to jewelry stores, Cannon Beach has something for everyone. Visit the great selection of shops and restaurants at Cannon Beach Mall. Explore the candy shops and gift shops to buy souvenirs and gifts for friends and family. You will get fabulous finds from artwork to handmade soaps, candles, and almost anything your heart desires at the Cannon Beach maker. Finally, do not miss to tour the Hull Gallery, Archimedes Gallery, book and jewelry stores at Sandpiper Square shopping mall

Best time to visit in Cannon Beach Oregon

June-September is the best time to take your trip to Cannon Beach. During June, the warm temperature and long days of June are ideal for getting around and seeing the city as much as possible within a day. But July-August is the best months for doing hot-weather activities as the temperature is comparatively high, winds are low, and the skies are mostly unclouded. You will experience the clearest skies during early September, but the chances of downpours will increase as the month passes by. Although it is the busy season, keep in mind that the accommodation costs and airfare may be higher than usual. 

Cannon Beach Oregon Weather

Summers in Cannon Beach features light clouds in the sky but is warm and comfortable. The average high temperature fluctuates from 63 degrees to 67 degrees during the three months of summer. The winters, however, are cold, wet, and the sky remains mostly clouded. The lowest temperature during winter can drop from 38 degrees to 40 degrees. 

Since the weather can be misty and windy throughout the year, accommodations with a thermostat, heaters, or fireplaces are recommended.  

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