Lanikai Beach Vacation: A Complete Travel Guide with Things to do

 About Lanikai Beach

The word Lanikai translates to ‘heavenly ocean.’ Arguably the world’s most beautiful beach is Lanikai Beach. The paradisical ivory sandy shores and blue waters of Lanikai Beach is stationed at Ohau’s windward coast. This pristine and secluded beach has warmer waters and calmer waves, making it great for swimming, snorkeling, and relaxing on a bed of soft sands. The breezy atmosphere of this beach is perfect for romantic sails into the sunset.

However, as there are no lifeguards are present at the scene, keep an eye on the wind’s intensity before getting into the irresistible waters.

Lanikai Beach Oahu has a backdrop of residential homes for rent and beachfront vacation rentals. These rentals come in different forms and costs, suiting the tastes of each traveler.

Plan your visit to the blissful beach of Lanikai with HomeToBeach, providing a complete travel guide to you with the best nearby accommodation sites, best restaurants to eat, shopping, and things to do at the beach.

Lanikai Beach

Where to Stay near Lanikai Beach

Lanikai Beach Hawaii is a beachside locale with lots of vacation rentals but no hotels or resorts. However, it is still possible to have a luxurious stay near this heavenly beach as some of these holiday rentals are lavishly appointed.

You can stay at the Hale Maluhia, an upscale vacation home, moments away from the white sands. This modern house has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a heated outdoor pool, and all the home-appliances a family needs. A group of 6 people can stay here for a minimum of 7 days.

If you want to stay at a house with the beach at your doorstep, Charming Kamaaina is the right choice for you. You can get a big and bright home with an open yard and three cozy bedrooms for about $250 a night. But this house has a minimum stay of 30-nights, so book this house only if you are on a long staycation. For long romantic getaways and honeymoons, look into the ocean viewing Lanikai Garden Lanai Studio Apartment. It is a hidden gem among the beachside accommodations, costing only $75 a night. The apartment offers a comfortable bedroom for two, a kitchen, and a deck overlooking the blue waters to get you in the mood.

Lanikai Beach rentals Oahu has excellent accommodations,resort,villa for weekend-long trips. You can find high-end boutique hotels and hotels in your budget within a 10-mile radius around Lanikai beach. The Kahala Hotel & Resort has ocean viewing, mountain viewing, and lagoon viewing rooms for four people, with a starting cost of $425. This hotel has all the vacation specifics and has the airport, Honolulu zoo, Kapiolani Regional Park, and many restaurants nearby, making it ideal for families.

Things To Do Near Lanikai Beach

Hiking in Lanikai Pillboxes

Hiking in Lanikai Pillboxes is one of the must-do activities when you are visiting Lanikai Beach. Lanikai Pillboxes or the Kaiwa Ridge Tail boasts a scenic hiking trail. Rise to the top of the pillboxes to get a picturesque view of the beach, the ocean, and the neighboring residential region.

Viewing the sunrise or the sunset from the peak of the trail is an incredible experience. However, the 60-90 minute long hiking trip can be challenging and can also inflict cramps and bruises. It is necessary to carry water bottles and wear the right hiking shoes before going on this adventure.

Maunawili Waterfall Hike

The Maunawili waterfall trail begins from a residential area and stretches about 2.8 miles. You can hike through nature and reach the destination of a beautiful waterfall. You can also take your pet along on your journey. Be mindful since it is in a residential area, and since there are no restrooms, pack all the things you will require before starting your journey.

Attend a Luau

A luau is an event where you can get in touch with the Hawaiian culture and heritage. In general, most Luaus offer pre-supper entertainment, such as dancers dancing to Polynesian island’s music, Hawaiian Hula, Samoan fire dance, Maori Haka, and some more traditional Hawaiian shows. After watching the captivating performances, you get to indulge in authentic Hawaiian dishes and tropical drinks. Before attending a Luau, you should know that men’s ideal attire is aloha shirts, and women wear aloha wears or dresses.

Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park

To know about the history of Hawaii, take your family to visit the Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park. Learn about the touching story behind the making, the destruction, and the Kaloko freshwater pond preservation.


Eastern Ohau’s only recommended spot for snorkeling is Lanikai Beach. The blowing wind and the low visibility of the corals can make snorkeling in this region pretty challenging. But ideal water depths and dense reefs are the plus points. You can site vibrant corals and small fishes like butterflyfish, sergeant, parrotfish, etc. Since no lifeguards are present at the beach, it is safest to snorkel from the public beach area and watch out for the winds.

Scuba Diving

Take your family on a scuba diving adventure to the underwater world from Lanikai Beach. Prepare to dive into the ocean by renting equipment and taking lessons from companies like Aron’s dive shop.


Riding the waves by kayaking in the waters of Lanikai Beach with your family can be a thrilling experience. As it is a regular tourist activity in Lanikai Beach, Kayak rental services are readily available. You can rent the kayaks for some time and paddle into the clear ocean with the wind in your hair.

Beach Parking

There are many things to do in Lanikai Beach, from taking a relaxing stroll to participating in exciting water activities. However, since it is in a residential area, there are no parking zones available. You may park on the lanes, but keep an eye on signs for no parking.

Where to eat in Lanikai Beach

There are only many restaurants adjacent to Lanikai beach, among which Buzz’s steakhouse is a first-class local eatery. This restaurant is best for lunch or dinner as the menu consists of juicy ribs, perfectly cooked steaks, and mouthwatering seafood dishes.

Try some finger-licking BBQ at K and K Bar-B-Que Inn, serving both Hawaiian and Asian BBQ dishes. It is a perfect place to grab a quick bite. The hearty proportions and reasonable prices of this place have won the hearts of both locals and tourists.

Another great restaurant with excellent reviews is Maui Mike’s Fire-roasted chicken. The chicken sandwiches and the rotisserie chicken are must-try items of this place. Although this restaurant is a 39-minute drive from Lanikai Beach, it is highly recommended to visit.

The nearest bars from Lanikai Beach are about 40-minutes away from the beach. The most recommended places you must visit are Kailua Town Pub and Grill, Kailua Tavern, and Porky’s Sports Pub.

Best time to visit Lanikai Beach

The serene Lanikai Beach does not harbor extreme rush all year round, as it is more on the secluded side. However, during December-March’s peak time, the accommodation prices may increase, and the beach might get slightly busy. Thus, the best months for taking your trip to Lanikai Beach is from September-November, when the beach will be in its calm and uncrowded state, and you can also save some cash from lower accommodation costs.

Shopping near Lanikai Beach

Shopping in Lanikai beach is incomplete without visiting the local coffee and chocolate stores and the Kailua Farmers Market. Explore the small coffee farm of Mountain Thunder Coffee Plantain at Ha’o Street. Feast your eyes on the coffee beans’ harvest and production and smell the aroma of fresh coffee. Do not miss to grab a bag before leaving.

If you are a chocolate lover, make sure to visit the Manoa Chocolate Hawaii. Learn about the history of Chocolate while watching its manufacture. You can also sample crafted Chocolate and coffee.

The most exciting shopping zone in Lanikai is Kailua Farmer’s market, situated at Diamond Head. Venture into the open-air market and have a fun experience exploring the stalls and trying some delicious foods and fresh fruits from local vendors.

Nearby Beaches

Kailua Beach is adjacent to Lanikai Beach, located at a distance of 2-miles. It is a busier beach with additional beach activities like parasailing. A five-minute drive from Lanikai Beach will take you to Kalama Beach Park. This area has views of the mountains and a grassy shaded area for sitting and picnicking.

If you go further south of Lanikai Beach, you reach the Bellows Field Beach Park. This region has mountain views, trees, and camping facilities.

Weather in Lanikai Beach

The weather in Lanikai Beach is warm and breezy throughout the year, pleasant for a day at the beach. The fluctuations in temperature are not too drastic. As the temperature ranges from 85-70 degrees, accommodations with air conditioning is highly recommended. The temperature always rises up to a maximum of 84 degrees in September and drops to a minimum of 69 degrees in February. The town experiences the most downpours during March.

Lanikani Beach Hawaii

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) Lanikai Beach

Where are the best places to stay near Lanikai Beach?

The top 5 places to stay near Lanikai Beach as found on HomeToBeach are:

  • Paradise Bay Resort Hawaii, HI 8.9 miles from Lanikai Beach
  • Vive Hotel Waikiki 10.6 miles from Lanikai Beach
  • Coconut Waikiki Hotel 10.5 miles from Lanikai Beach
  • Waikiki Sand Villa Hotel 10.5 miles from Lanikai Beach Outrigger
  • Waikiki Beach Resort 10.2 miles from Lanikai Beach

Where to Eat near Lanikai Beach?

If you want to find out eat near Lanikai Beach for breakfast, lunch, or Dinner, you’ll get plenty of local & International restaurants near Lanikai Beach. Many Indian dining, Italian, Japanese delicacies near Lanikai Beach, and plenty of Asian cuisine menu available, but the real test in Lanikai Beach is Italian food. Restaurants like Hog Heaven Bar-B-Q,Don Vito’s Italian Restaurant, Caribbean Jack’s authentic meatballs, burgers, pizza, and pasta, often featuring various seafood freshly.

What are the romantic restaurants near Lanikai Beach?

The top 5 romantic restaurants in near Lanikai Beach as found on HomeToBeach are:

  • Uahi Island Grill, 1.8 mi from Lanikai Beach
  • Island Snow 1.1 mi from Lanikai Beach
  • Bob’s Boston Pizza Kailua 1.1 mi from Lanikai Beach
  • Hoku’s 9.1 mi from Lanikai Beach Outrigger
  • Buzz’s Original Steak House 0.8 mi from Lanikai Beach

Where can you visit near Lanikai Beach?

The HomeToBeach Guide recommends several attractions near Lanikai Beach, including DHiking in Lanikai Pillboxes, The Maunawili waterfall trail,Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park. Find all historical places near Lanikai Beach selected by HomeToBeach Guide.

What are the best places for shopping near Lanikai Beach?

There are plenty of shopping center near Lanikai Beach :

  • Ala Moana Center
  • Tanger Outlets Daytona
  • Ko Hana Distillers

Nearby Beach Destinations

Waikiki Beach =17 km Kaanapali Beach = 118 km Maui Beach =157 km

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