Cape May Beach Vacation: A COMPLETE GUIDE & Things to do FOR TRAVELERS


Cape May is unusual among the beach towns on New Jersey’s 204 kilometers of coastline. Often referred to as the country’s first seaside resort region, Cap May beach has many hotels such as Congress Hall, The Grand Hotel, and Peter Shields near the beach, with great prices and functionalities. Visit the beach and soak yourself with the sunlight while you carry your beloved blanket, go out on whale watching trips, or hire sailboats and paddle around the coast.  

Along with excellent resorts, the location consists of transport facilities and lots of tourist spots such as the Cape May Lighthouse, the Winery & Vineyard of Cape May, the Alpacas shore of Jersey, and many more.

Check out our travel guide and find out all the information about transport services, where to stay, and what to do while visiting Cape May Beach.

Cape May beach

Places to Stay in Cape May near the Beach.

For different preferences and budgets, Cape May offers many accommodation varieties. At your beachfront hotels and luxurious B&Bs, you can experience modern-day relaxation as a secret place for couples, or go back in time at a historic inn or guest house for family holidays with a specific budget. Most of the hotels are convenient for access to the Washington Street Mall and offer a range of facilities, from swimming pools to pet-friendly accommodation. Cape may beach accommodations and house rentals have a touch of modern and traditional attire. 

The 1879 Virginia Hotel provides period elegance, exceptional service, and private beach tents for Oceanside lounging. The Peter Shields Hotel provides a luxury bed and breakfast experience, a 1907 Georgian Revival mansion with a glorious front porch, and a fine dining restaurant. During the winter season, the Carroll Villa, Southern Mansion, Montreal Beach Resort offer discounts, beginning at a minimum. Cape May Beach is ideal for weekend and romantic getaways if you want to take a break from the monotonous life. They have top rated hospitality, and the clients have provided outstanding reviews. To know more about the deals, you can visit any trip booking website. You can book directly using a trip booking website and receive food vouchers for each night’s stay. 

Things to Do in Cape may

Cape May has welcomed tourists since the mid-18th century, and their visitors are full of warmth and love. They have a year-round paradise for families, couples, photographers, musicians, and nature lovers. Visit one of their signature restaurants for dinner in the area, and then treat yourself to some luxurious shopping spree and a good wine tasting, followed by a spa tour.


Do you like adventure and enjoy scuba diving, then you should experience the Parasail of the Atlantic or the East Coast Parasail. Each ride lasts roughly 8 minutes if you fly solo. Suppose you fly tandem, 12 minutes. So bring your best friend with you because the only thing better than parasailing above Cape May and Wildwood is parasailing with your best friend above Cape May and Wildwood.


Cape May Zoo and boardwalk:

Your gateway to the beach and unparalleled ocean views is the Cape May Boardwalk, aka the promenade. The best place to visit for your toddlers is the Cape May Zoo while you are on a family holiday. The Cape May County Park & Zoo in Cape May Court House, New Jersey, offers free year-round access to a collection of more than 550 animals on 85 acres (34 ha) of exhibits featuring 250 species. There’s also Park East, Park North and Park South, and the Zoo and Park Center.

Where to Eat in Cape May 

With a wide selection of best restaurants near cape may beach, from walk-up hot-dog stands to world-class oceanfront dining, located in Cape May, you can find various places with seafood and fish tacos. Several Cape May restaurants offer fully stocked bars and supply your meal with a wide variety of drink choices. There are a lot of seafood restaurants in cape may beach with a variety of items. Cape May restaurants carry the most remarkable attributes to enjoy the nightlife, including the food and drinks.

Washington inn: The Washington Inn boasts warm hospitality and excellent fresh American cuisine. It is simple to find comfort in the people and food during your visit to the Washington Inn, as the spirit of hospitality is alive and well. To know more about their offers and delicious American cuisine, visit Washington inn.

Tisha’s Cape may:  A trip to Cape May, the country’s oldest seaside resort, wouldn’t have been complete without dinner at Tisha’ssupp. Since 1995, the tradition of love and passion for food and people has served fine Italian food, New American, and seafood. Check out their website tishasfinedining to know more about their menu.

Mad batter cape may: The Mad Batter Restaurant & Bar, set on historic Jackson Street, is considered the granddaddy of the top restaurants of Cape May. Located inside the Carroll Villa Hotel, guests at the Cape May hotel enjoy breakfast vouchers and 30 percent off their stay with dinner entrees. Start the morning and come back for lunch and dinner with their famous breakfasts! Dine-in in their skylight dining room on the front porch. To know more, visit

Lobster house cape may: Located overlooking Cape May Harbour in historic Cape May, NJ, for over four generations, The Lobster House has proudly provided guests with a range of dining experiences. You are sure to have a satisfying and memorable experience at The Lobster House, whether go for luncheon, dinner, or cocktails, inside or dockside. To know more about their offers and delicious seafood cuisine, visit

Where to Eat in Cape May 

Road Trip

The town is as quick to navigate as easy on the eyes, at less than 3 square miles. Walkers of leisure and health mingle with joggers taking to the paved promenade. Rolling through town is the best way to see Cape May.

Shopping in Cape May

The Washington Street Mall, an outdoor walking mall spanning three miles, with brick sidewalks, decorative fountains, and wooden benches surrounding garden planters, is home to Cape May. Cape May shopping destinations include the Washington Commons, Carpenter’s Square Mall (located behind Carpenter’s Lane’s Washington Street Mall), Splash, the beachfront, and West Cape May, specifically where Park Boulevard meets West Perry Street.

Shopping in Cape May

Best time to go

Cape May is well known for its amazing summers, but fall is an excellent time to visit as well. The weather cools to ideal crisp temperatures in the autumn, and the crowds of the summer clear out. It’s a perfect time to discover new locations, visit your favorite shops and restaurants – including Harry’s – and enjoy local wineries.


●    Where is the Cape may have located?

Cape May Beach is located in Cape May state of New Jersey.

●    Which part of Cape may beach island is the best?

The best part of the beach island is its tourist spots such as The Jersey shore and the Ocean city

●    does long Cape may have a boardwalk

Yes, it has a boardwalk, also known as the promenade. 

●    How far is Cape May beach from the airport?

The nearest airport, Atlantic city international airport, is 45 minutes north of Cape May.

●    Where to stay on Cape may beach?

You can stay in the Peter Shields Hotel, the Carroll Villa, or Montreal Beach Resort.

●    Is Cape may beach open?

It is open during daytime hours.

●    What time does Cape may beach close?

The beachfront locations usually close after 10.00 pm.

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